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Local authorities
are going digital. With us.

Digitalisation and demographic changes are among the biggest challenges facing local authorities today. Together, we can master them. With tailored solutions from dataport.kommunal, we can improve the quality of living and working for citizens through secure, digital services and reduce employee workload through automated processes. This enables local authorities to counteract demographic changes and gain a competitive footing. The future is digital – and it has long since begun. We support local authorities on this journey.

Wo we are

We support local authorities

dataport.kommunal specialises in the challenges facing local authorities. We work together with our municipal customers to find exactly the solutions they need. From specialised procedures and consultation services to dealing with digital public services, we take a strategic, holistic approach. Our 250 employees at six locations and several DigitalHubs are not only equipped with professional expertise, but many of them also have years of experience in municipal administration under their belt. We know the ins and outs of the issues facing local authorities, and we can overcome them together.

We work for the common good

The focus of our work at dataport.kommunal is the common good. Transparency and security are just as important to us as the satisfaction of our municipal customers. Comprehensive strategic consulting, customised training sessions, in-house software development and maximum data security will help you to stay digitally confident. Instead of relying on private providers, local authorities put their trust in the transparency and security of dataport.kommunal – guaranteed by our in-house data centre. Together, we strengthen the common good. Even beyond local borders.

We have a vision

Digitalisation for the people and tailored to the people brings us closer together. It creates structures and processes that facilitate and improve life. It puts municipalities at the heart of citizens’ lives with intelligent infrastructure, people-first digital administration and the involvement of real people – whether by voting digitally or exchanging ideas in a citizens’ forum. Living, working and learning are all taken into account, with a focus on the environment and the future. The local authorities of the future offer these services to leave more room for what really matters: life itself. Let’s take the journey together.


  • 376 local authorities
  • 4 federal states
  • 250 employees

Our range of services

We offer holistic consulting.

We find and develop the right professional applications.

We develop online services.

We provide secure infrastructure.

We deliver quality under the best conditions.

We prepare our customers for the digital future.

dataport.kommunal and Dataport

We specialise in the needs and challenges facing local authorities, making use of the experience, skills and services provided by Dataport. As an IT service provider for public administration, Dataport works across borders. The specialised services from dataport.kommunal are exclusively tailored to the needs of local authorities. We are supported by experts from different departments at Dataport, who help us to grow our municipal skills to include specific expertise from all fields of digitalisation and to find the right solution for every request and challenge.

dataport.kommunal helps local authorities to approach their digitalisation projects in a holistic, sustainable way and equips them with everything they need to do so from a single source.

Always there for you

Want to know more, or have any questions? Get in touch with us. We’re here for you.

0431 3295-0


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